The Best Solution in Improving Cyber Security

Indonesia, which has the 3rd lowest ranking cyber security index among the G20 countries, is of course the biggest problem in terms of security issues. This is the hardest homework

The Best Security System Solution “Cyber Intelligence Indonesia”

The more digital business developments in the industrial 4.0 era, the more security systems you need to use to secure all data. And one of the security system approaches that

What is Indonesian Penetration Testing and What are the Steps?

Penetration Test Indonesia – Maybe you are not familiar with the term Penetration Testing. However, this is a very important term for web developers, especially for those who focus on

Digital Asset Protection & How to Apply it

Digital Asset protection actually refers to actions taken to secure or protect digital assets from access, use, modification or damage that can be done by irresponsible people. What is meant

Before Choosing the Indonesian Penetration Test, Get to Know the Benefits and Stages First

For those of you who work in the field of information technology, you must be familiar with the term penetration test. Penetration test is a security evaluation of computer systems

Tips for Choosing Indonesian Cyber Intelligence and Its Benefits

The digital age is very sophisticated. However, the potential for digital crime is increasing from time to time. The modes used are unlimited, from phishing, skimming, identity theft, ransomware attacks,

Tips for Choosing the Right Indonesian Cyber Security Service

For those of you who are in the business world, the internet is an important element to reach a wider market share. The presence of the internet will certainly make

What is Malware and its Types | Malware Protection

Malware Protection – Malware is software that can be harmful and can also infect a computer device. In addition, malware can also be defined as malicious code. Because this software

What is ransomware and how to prevent it from getting infected

Ransomware Protection – Currently there are many Cyber Attacks that can threaten Company Digital Assets, one of which is “Ransomware”. Ransomware is a virus that can encrypt files on your

The Importance of Using the Security Operation Center for Companies

Security Operation Center Indonesia – SOC or Security Operation Center is a network security facility or IT Security that is executed in detail and complexly. SOC has a fairly broad