Before Choosing the Indonesian Penetration Test, Get to Know the Benefits and Stages First

For those of you who work in the field of information technology, you must be familiar with the term penetration test. Penetration test is a security evaluation of computer systems and networks that is carried out using attack simulations.

You can use the services of a related company to do a penetration test. However, before choosing an Indonesian penetration test, you must first understand the benefits and stages.

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Benefits of Penetration Tests

Evaluation of security on computer systems and networks has several benefits, some of which are as follows:

1. To find website security holes

One of the benefits of a penetration test is to find security vulnerabilities on a website. Computer network systems are prone to being hacked or infiltrated by viruses and malware which can be fatal. To test whether the security system you are using is working optimally, you need to do a penetration test first. Through this test, all security holes on your website can be detected easily.

2. Estimating business losses

Choosing an Indonesian penetration test should not be arbitrary. Because through this test, you can estimate the business losses that will be experienced by the company. Especially business losses caused by cyberattacks.

Through this test, you can estimate what losses will be experienced if the system you are using has problems. In addition, through a penetration test you can determine the right steps to minimize the impact arising from system damage.

Penetration Test Stages To Test Network Systems

Choosing an Indonesian penetration test requires a lot of consideration from various aspects. Because this test is not as simple as imagined. There are various stages that must be passed in a penetration test, including the following:


The first stage in the penetration test is planning or planning. This stage defines the scope and purpose of testing and the system to be handled. In addition, it also determines the test method to be used.

Furthermore, the planning stage is also used to gather networks, domain names, and email servers. The main goal is to understand how the target works and its potential vulnerabilities.


After planning, there is a scanning stage that is carried out to understand how the targeted application or computer network reacts to cyberattack attempts. Checking the network is done in two ways, namely data analysis and dynamic analysis.

Static analysis is used to check application code and predict behavior when a network is running. Meanwhile, dynamic analysis can provide a real time view of the performance of an application.

Gain access

Gaining access starts with cross-site scripting, backdoor, SQL injection, and other web application attacks to measure how vulnerable a website is to cyber attacks. At this stage, checking is carried out by means of privilege escalation, data theft, and other methods.

Maintain access

At this stage, the vulnerability on the website will be seen whether it is permanent in the exploited system.


The final stage is analysis and report generation based on the results of the penetration test. Pentester must analyze the risks arising from the vulnerability of a website’s network system before making it in report form.

Those were the benefits and stages of the penetration test. Seeing the importance of this test, you must choose an Indonesian penetration test that is truly expert and trustworthy. By doing a penetration test, the security of your site will be more guaranteed because it is not difficult for cybercriminals to penetrate.

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