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Indonesia, which has the 3rd lowest ranking cyber security index among the G20 countries, is of course the biggest problem in terms of security issues. This is the hardest homework for the government to handle. Moreover, digital users in Indonesia are increasing rapidly. Even now, Indonesia has the greatest economic potential with dominant work done using digital. Of course, it will generate problems that cause viruses such as ransomware which can attack the device used by encrypting your files or data in just seconds.

Therefore, currently Indonesia really needs a strict security system to prevent various digital problems. And one of the most prominent security system solutions is Laju Solusi Jenius.

Guaranteed Digital Security Use Laju Solusi Jenius

PT Laju Solusi Jenius is a top-notch high-tech company from Indonesia with worldwide program involvement in providing a ready-to-use solution with full integration. This company provides the best types of cyber security services to help you.

Type of Service Cyber Security Indonesia Jenius Solutions

Managed Security Service

Managed Security Service
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Managed Security Service is a form of third party service for companies that do not have a Cybersecurity Team or companies that do not have the extra cost to build a Cybersecurity Team. PT Laju Solusi Jenius provides support in the form of Cybersecurity Mature Resilience, so that the company can stay focused on its business or operational activities.

This type of cyber security is one of the best solutions to improve Indonesia’s cyber security, because with MSS you can protect information assets at any time. Managed Security Service at PT Laju Solusi Jenius can analyze vulnerabilities and detect illegal intrusions with time monitoring, to protect information assets 24 hours a day with systematic monitoring services. Likewise, the purpose of this system is to prevent cyber threats by strengthening security.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security
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Infrastructure security is one type of cyber security that can protect systems and assets from physical and cyber threats. Based on its definition, this system is one of the best solutions in enhancing cyber security, moreover infrastructure security can include assets contained in hardware and software such as data center resources, network systems, end user devices, and cloud resources.

If you have a digital company or business that relies on data as a decision and protects resources, then you can trust PT Laju Solusi Jenius to provide Infrastructure Security services as the best solution in protecting your company’s digital assets.

Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity Assessments
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Cybersecurity assessment can be used in evaluating security controls to examine the security infrastructure for the organization as a whole. And it is this part that is used to validate the readiness of the organization regarding what is known and what is not known. In this way, security assessments can help track system, application, and network vulnerabilities by helping implement defensive controls.

Cybersecurity assessment has several services, namely:

  • Attack Surface Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Check of Surface Web
  • Check Data Leakage from the Internet
  • Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Test (VAPT)
  • Security Posture Maturity Assessment

Email Security & Protection

Email Security & Protection
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Security via e-mail is possible? So, the answer is that by using email security & protection you can secure and control which emails can go in and out. Because through this system we can carry out a layered detection process to help identify and block phishing, one of which is phishing email. There are several steps to improve email security & protection Email fraud prevention

  • Regular Backups for Important Data

The need to perform regular backups of important data and files for the company is an important step to deal with the potential if you experience an unwanted event. Regular backups can minimize the risk of ransomware attacks. Then it is necessary to make backups in several data storage locations.

  • Implement Two-factor Authentication

Implementing 2FA can protect the company’s system and e-mail from the possibility of phishing attacks even from attempts to take over accounts. When an attempt to steal a business email occurs, 2FA is useful to prevent hackers from accessing email and taking actions that could harm a company’s information system.

  • Increasing Awareness about Cyber Attack Threats

Cyber attacks generally occur due to human error, which is related to low awareness of cyber security. So to reduce this risk, companies can increase their awareness regarding the threat of cyber attacks by conducting sharing sessions which are in the form of internal training. One of them is by informing all employees to maintain the confidentiality of passwords, change passwords regularly, avoid using passwords related to personal life and also avoid using the same password on social media, because this has the potential to be easily hacked by cybercriminals. .

Red & Blue Team Security

Red vs Blue Team

Red & blue team security has a different role for each task. If the red team consists of offensive security experts to attack security defenses, then it is different from the blue team which plays a role in maintaining a resistance and response from the red team.

With this role, it can help organizations identify points of vulnerability related to humans, systems, and technology. And determine the areas of improvement of the defensive incident response process each phase.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cybersecurity Services

What types of cybersecurity services are available?

Some of the types of cybersecurity services available include:

  • Penetration test (pen test): security testing that attempts to enter a system or network to identify security weaknesses
  • Network monitoring: active monitoring of network activity to detect and prevent attacks
  • Software safeguards: applying software patches and updates to prevent exploitation of known security holes
  • Security training: provide training to employees on how to identify and avoid cybersecurity threats

What are the benefits of using cybersecurity services?

Some of the benefits of using cybersecurity services include:

  • Reduce the risk of data loss and privacy violations
  • Increase customer trust
  • Reducing recovery costs after a security breach
  • Maintain the reputation of the organization and avoid financial losses

How to choose the right cybersecurity service provider?

Some things to consider in choosing the right cybersecurity service provider include:

  • Service provider experience and credibility
  • Type of service provided
  • Fees and tariff structure
  • Level of customer support
  • Response speed in addressing cyber security issues

What to do in the event of a cybersecurity breach?

In the event of a cybersecurity breach, the following steps can help mitigate losses:

  • Shut down the infected or attacked system
  • Keep detailed logs of attacks
  • Contact a cybersecurity service provider for assistance
  • Notify relevant parties, such as employees, customers or relevant cybersecurity authorities
  • Implement precautions to avoid similar attacks in the future

Who needs cybersecurity?

Any individual, organization or business that uses digital technology to store, process or transmit data is vulnerable to cyber attacks and therefore requires cyber security. This includes government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and private companies of all sizes.

When should you implement cybersecurity measures?

Cybersecurity measures should be implemented as soon as possible, ideally as part of the initial system design or software development process. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, so it is important to stay alert and keep your cyber security measures up to date.

Where can cybersecurity be applied?

Cybersecurity can be implemented at many levels, from individual devices and networks to entire organizations and industries. It can be implemented locally, such as on a single computer or network, or globally, such as through international treaties and agreements.

Why is cybersecurity important?

Cyber security is important because cyber attacks can result in financial loss, data theft, damage to reputation and even physical loss. It is very important for individuals and organizations to protect themselves from cyber threats to protect their assets and maintain trust with customers and partners.

How can cybersecurity be implemented?

Cyber security can be implemented through a variety of measures, including encryption, firewalls, anti-virus software, access control and employee training. It is important to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that addresses all potential vulnerabilities and implements best practices for prevention, detection and response to cyberattacks.

Tighten your cyber security by avoiding and preventing all problems that can attack digital technology and protect company assets by strengthening Indonesian Cyber security with PT Laju Solusi Jenius services as a preventive measure for Cyber Threat problems that arise anytime and anywhere.