What is Indonesian Penetration Testing and What are the Steps?

Jasa Penetration Test Indonesia

Penetration Test Indonesia – Maybe you are not familiar with the term Penetration Testing. However, this is a very important term for web developers, especially for those who focus on the security of a website. Penetration testing is often shortened to pentest, in fact this term refers to the process of a web developer conducting security testing of a system, application or network. In Indonesia, penetration testing is carried out by professionals or companies engaged in cybersecurity to help an organization ensure the security of their system and protect against potential threats.

When conducting Penetration testing Indonesia will use various techniques and tools to try to penetrate defenses on systems and access sensitive data or resources. It also allows tactics such as scanning for vulnerabilities, trying to find weaknesses in a system, or trying to gain illegal access through social engineering techniques.

Therefore, it is very important for an organization to carry out a penetration test to identify and overcome any loopholes in their system before they are exploited by irresponsible people. This can be useful for protecting against data breaches, cyber attacks and other security crimes.

When the IT team is conducting trials, it is also necessary to use the user’s point of view. As is well known, internet service providers have an obligation to maintain or protect the privacy and data security of each user. For those of you who are curious about the Team’s steps in carrying out the Penetration Test.

The following are the steps that need to be taken in carrying out a penetration test on the company’s website:

penetration test on the company's website


In this planning stage, all parties involved need to mutually agree on the timing, duration, scope, technicality and expected results of penetration testing. This plan includes the required legal documents.

Information Collection & Analysis

After planning, there is the stage of gathering and analyzing information. The test will begin by collecting various information related to security issues on servers, domains, the presence of firewalls, and how the website works in general. All the information obtained can be useful to prevent possible attacks that could occur.


This stage of scanning involves using automated tools that are useful for scanning for vulnerabilities of a system, for example such as unpatched software or faulty servers at the configuration stage.


This stage is necessary to exploit any vulnerabilities that have been identified in the previous step.


The last stage in the penetration test is the creation of a report that lists the risks of a website. This stage involves documenting the results of the penetration test. In addition, it also provides recommendations on how to fix the vulnerabilities that have been identified.

Those are the steps taken by the Web Developer Team to carry out the Penetration Test. After reading this article, maybe you have started to understand this penetration testing. Overall, with a security assessment, it can help an organization to find weaknesses in systems, applications, or networks.

FAQ Regarding Indonesian Penetration Test Services

What is a penetration test service?

Penetration test services are services provided by cyber security companies to test an organization’s security system by trying to find loopholes or vulnerabilities in the system, so that the organization can identify and fix these holes or vulnerabilities before being infiltrated by attackers.

What are the benefits of penetration test services?

Penetration test services can help organizations to identify and fix gaps or vulnerabilities in their security systems before they are infiltrated by attackers. This can reduce the risk of data security breaches, data theft, and other cyber attacks.

What is the process of the penetration test service?

The penetration test service process involves the following steps:

  • System target selection
  • Selection of techniques and methods to be used for testing
  • Identify gaps or vulnerabilities in the system
  • Exploitation of loopholes or vulnerabilities in the system
  • Reporting of test results and suggestions for improvement.
Who performs penetration test services?

Penetration test services are performed by a cyber security company that has a team of cyber security experts who are trained and experienced in security testing.

What do organizations need to prepare before doing a penetration test service?

Before performing a penetration test service, the organization needs to provide access to the system to be tested, provide information about the system being tested, and determine the right time to carry out the test. In addition, the organization will also need to enter into a nondisclosure agreement with the cyber security company that will be conducting the testing.

How long does it take to do a penetration test service?

The time needed to perform a penetration test service depends on the complexity of the system being tested. Testing can take from several days to several weeks.

What to do if a gap or vulnerability is found in the system?

If gaps or vulnerabilities are found in the system, the organization will be provided with a test report containing suggestions for improvements to overcome these gaps or vulnerabilities. The organization can then fix the gap or vulnerability and retest to ensure the system is secure.

Is the penetration test service safe to do on a running system?

Penetration test services are safe to perform on a running system, as long as it is done carefully and pays attention to the risks that may occur to the system. The cyber security company conducting the test must also be responsible for ensuring that no damage occurs to the system under test.

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