Tips for Choosing Indonesian Cyber Intelligence and Its Benefits

cyber security indonesia

The digital age is very sophisticated. However, the potential for digital crime is increasing from time to time. The modes used are unlimited, from phishing, skimming, identity theft, ransomware attacks, to online fraud. Therefore, cyber security must be even tighter to protect personal and business data.

In order to strengthen cyber security in the scope of private companies, government, to academia, you can take advantage of cyber intelligence. So, how do you choose the right Indonesian cyber intelligence?

How to Choose the Right Cyber Intelligence
Cyber intelligence can be utilized to determine potential threats to cybersecurity in various sectors. In fact, the use of cyber intelligence can support various needs, ranging from physical security, risk management, communication strategy, and many more. In order to maximize the use of cyber intelligence, pay attention to how to choose it.

  1. Perform an Internal Security Audit To Know Needs
    Before using cyber intelligence, first understand what you need. For this reason, it is necessary to conduct an internal audit first in order to get a clearer picture. Whether what you need is strengthening cyber security, for risk management, or other purposes. The more specific your understanding of cyber intelligence needs in your company, the better.
  2. Compare the Services Provided
    Choosing Indonesian cyber intelligence is not as easy as one might imagine. Apart from the matter of credibility and being adjusted to your needs, you need to compare services between one and the other. Basically, cyber intelligence involves 3 important components, namely people, technology, and information. So all three must work together to get the desired result.

What’s more, the cyber intelligence cycle is quite complex and consists of several parts, such as the environment, data gathering, and functional analysis. Furthermore, there is a strategic analysis and preparation of reports and recommendations based on the results of the analysis obtained. This report can be used as a consideration for making decisions.

Apart from the service aspect, also consider the rates you have to pay. As much as possible, choose a complete service at a rate according to the budget you have. That way, the company’s finances are not too burdened so as to disrupt other financial posts.

Advantages of Strengthening Cyber Security
Implementing cyber security within the scope of private and government agencies has become an obligation in the digital era as it is now. The following are some of the benefits that you will get if you choose the right Indonesian cyber intelligence to strengthen cyber security.

  1. Anticipating Cyber Attacks
    Small and large scale businesses have the potential to experience cybercrime. To anticipate this, you need to strengthen cybersecurity. That way, important data in your company will be better protected so that it is not easily hacked or infiltrated by viruses and malware.
  2. Risk Assessment
    Cybercrime can always find loopholes to infiltrate corporate systems and steal important data. If the data gets into the hands of competitors, your business is at stake. For this reason, cyber intelligence also conducts audits of network systems in your company to find weaknesses that cybercriminals can infiltrate.
  3. Increasing Consumer Credibility and Confidence
    The final advantage of implementing cybersecurity is increasing the credibility of your company and the trust of your consumers. Consumers trust your business more because they feel safe when making transactions because your site is protected from cyber crime.

That was how to choose Indonesian cyber intelligence and the advantages of implementing cybersecurity for your company. That way, your business will be more protected, data more secure, and credibility will increase.

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